Global payments can be full of hidden fees, currency confusion and waiting.

With Vitesse, your money moves quickly from A to B. One fee. No hassle.

Our Services

We give you access to an expanding network of local bank accounts to collect and pay money worldwide.

Local collections

Local payouts

Peer to peer


Vitesse is the smart choice

Hold money longer

Payments arrive same or next working day, giving you more efficient cash flow.

No hidden fees

With us you send and receive money in local currency, so avoid multiple fees.

One platform. All payments

Report on all your payments using one single online portal – easy.

Stop expensive mistakes

We automatically validate every payment you send – no worries.

Our network is your network

One connection gives you access to a global network of local banks.

We’re regulated, so you are too

We make global payments for you, so you can avoid the hassle of getting regulated.

Meet the team

When you work with Vitesse, you have access to years of industry experience and expertise.

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